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Distillation Media

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Distillation Media (500AB)

Porcelain Berl Saddles Series 500

5/16" (8 mm) Berl Saddles provide relatively high useable contact surface area, (surface area equals 1.15 M2/M3) lower gas flow resistance, and good internal distribution. Ideal for vacuum distillation, absorption and extraction.

Availability: Immediate from stock
All other sizes - By special order
Microporous Carbon Boiling Chips Series 500 (501A)

Microporous Carbon Boiling Chips Series 500

Used in fractional distillations, evaporations, extractions, refluxings, condensations and other boiling operations to eliminate bumping of liquids.

Availability: Immediate from stock
Porcelain Balls Series 500 (502ABC)

Porcelain Balls Series 500

Packaging: One pound box
Availability: Immediate from stock
Other sizes by special order
Tamer Tabs Series 500 (503)

Tamer Tabs Series 500

Alumina compound-porous granules, non-reactive. Highly effective in controlling distillation of liquids with low boiling points. Good in all boiling operations, except those with strong alkalis, or concentrated sulfuric acid.

Melting Point: 2040ÂșC
Availability: Immediate from stock
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